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Sports Chiropractic
in State College

Did you know that the majority of professional sports teams have chiropractors on their staff? It’s true, many pro athletes get chiropractic care regularly. Of course, there are millions of amateur athletes of every kind in the world that get chiropractic care as well, from runners to weightlifters, swimmers, bicyclists, gymnasts, tennis players and many others. I’ve had the good fortune to take care of dozens of amateur athletes with chiropractic adjustments to help them recover from sports injuries but, frankly, there are several other reasons why they come to me even when they haven’t been injured.

Chiropractic Care Helps Athletes Prevent Injuries

While treating a sports injury is important, and chiropractic care is an excellent method to do so, a much better reason to get chiropractic care is to prevent sports injuries. How? Well, think about it like a car. If your car is kept in perfect running condition, with regular oil and fluid changes, tire rotation, tune-ups and preventative maintenance, the chance of it breaking down will be significantly lower.

An athlete’s body is like that and, if it’s free of misalignments (aka subluxations) of the spine, the nervous system will function better, the muscles will perform better and the chance of, say, pulling a groin, throwing out your back or hurting yourself on the field will be much lower.

Chiropractic Care can keep you in the game by helping to treat and/or prevent the injuries below:

  • Sprains & strains of nearly any joint in the body
  • Muscle pulls and tears
  • Ligament tears and damage due to overexertion
  • Low back injuries
  • Neck, shoulder and mid-back injuries
  • Tennis and golfer’s elbow
  • Hamstring pulls

Chiropractic Helps Athletes Perform Better and Heal Faster

When an athlete’s spine is in alignment the muscles will work well too, as will your heart, lungs and other areas of your body. It’s no question that a healthier body allows for a wider range-of-motion, faster reaction times, higher jumps, longer throws and so much more. Plus, when the nervous system is free of the interference that misalignments cause, it can heal much faster after a grueling game, match, ride or workout.

Chiropractic is a Natural Choice for Athletes of Every Kind

Competition at any level means being able to rely on your body to perform at its peak. Chiropractic care can help by making sure your nervous system is working at peak performance, and the connection between your brain and body is strong and instantaneous. In all the years I’ve been in practice I’ve seen it time after time; athletes who take care of their spine perform better. That’s why professional teams have chiropractors on their staff, and it’s why Chiropractic Care should be a part of every athlete’s recovery and maintenance routine in order to excel in any sport.

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